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The breeding and care-taking of horses is not our profession... it's our passion!
Love for horses runs in the family. Our horse riding began in the mid eighties.  A young vet  in our village gave up his practice and started a pony riding school,"De Ponyhoeve" . The enthusiasm of the owner and the pleasant atmosphere that he created empassioned the village youth with a great love for horses.That's  where we ended up spending most of our childhood vacation time and  got equestrian education.

With the participation in local showjumping events came the need for a better performing horse. An investment into  a couple of promising young Belgian Warmblood  mares formed the base of our breeding program. Always respecting the philosophy horses are our lifetime hobby, we want to keep learning more about  all aspects of them with a focus on the discipline we are most familiar with: showjumping.

What we do & how we work

what we do and how we work

Whatever we do the horse always is center stage,
it means we always work in function of what is best for the horse.


  • Breeding
At the moment we have 9 horses, all descending from the same 2 Belgian warmblood mares in combination with different stallions (Cumano, Forpleasure, Kanan, Exploit de Roulard,Heureka). All our horses are inscripted in the Belgian Warmblood Studbook. The Foals are born, raised and trained at home.
We also have a project in South America (Uruguay) where we intend to implant embryo's from our mares here in recipient mares overthere. In this way we want to start our own studbook in Uruguay.
  • Osteopathy
After het studies for human physiotherapy Joke studied "Osteopathy for horses and dogs" in the Netherlands (ICREO) where she graduated in June 2010. Now she works as an equine osteopath in Belgium, and from time to time in South America.
At home the excellent location (on 2km from the beach) and infractructure (stables, riding track, treadmill and paddock) in combination with osteopathy are optimal for the rehabilitation of (sport)horses with tendon injuries, jointproblems, overstraintrauma and/or other injuries.
  • Training
During an endurance test on the treadmill or on the beach we measure the heart rate and heartrate variability of your horse. With this data we make an individual training schedule adapted to the physical fitness of your horse and the goals you aim for.
  • Competition
We have a few young horses who will take off in show jumping this summer.