We inspect and test the horse searching for problems/blockades and we treat what we find.

We use only manual techniques
NEVER medicines; injections, supplements or other stuff

We give an impulse from outside the body but it is the horse himself who reacts by rebalancing the body via the autoregulation.
We see the horse as One entity and we search for possible causes of the problem, which we treat systematic. It is very important to treat all the problems.

Every body exists of 3 different structures which are continously influencing each other:

The parietal system (vertebral column and extremities)
The visceral system (the organs and their suspension)
The cranio-sacral system (the skull and sacrum)

We use different techniques on the different structures:
On the parietal structures:
Manipulations, mobilisation, stretching
On the visceral structures:
fascial techniques (to feel/treat the tension and motility of the organs)
On the craniosacral system we use cranio sacral techniques, which are also fascial techniques.